Who is AZ CROSS?

2014 AZ CROSS Series has continues the tradition of solid cross racing that Travis, Josh and Jeremy started over seven years ago. AZ CROSS remains the premier Series in Arizona by COMBINING independent promoters and organizers into an affiliated series of cyclocross events. AZ CROSS will recognize Series Champions in Series categories – and each promoter will recognize individual race winners. Without the support of you, the cross racer, and Matt/Mark from CRANKY CROSS, Dan/Chris in Tucson, and Joey at the University of Arizona this Series would not be possible. AZ CROSS continues in 2014 to be managed by BlueWolf Events and me, Jeffery Frost…I look forward to working with each and every racer. It is our time…who says you cannot race cyclocross in the desert !

Online and on-site registration will continue with http://www.arizonareg.com

We would like to thank theĀ volunteersĀ in advance for your support.


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  1. Hi guys! Last season a few little guys from the BMX community participated in the junior races and had fun. We tried to get more BMX parents interested but the main reason we had no takers was that the little guys are given there own category. Could they score 6-8 and 9-11 USAC licensed juniors for their own series title or state state title the way MBAA did this season?

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