Great news – looks like we will be offering a race or two within the AZ CROSS Series as part of the WoCAA.

What follows is from Judy Jenkins – the honcho at WoCAA:

The mission of WoCAA is to increase the quantity of women racing in AZ and to improve the quality of the racing experience for women racing in AZ.  As part of this mission, we’re organizing a WoCAA Race Series.

Our motivation for organizing this Series is twofold.  First, we hope increase the racing quality/field size in Arizona women’s races.  As many women balance the demands of a career, a family, an education, and cycling, we often cannot participate in as many races as we’d like.   By identifying 11 AZ races as part of the Series, we hope that women will chose these specific races, resulting in larger, more competitive fields for all of us. Second, we want to encourage women that haven’t raced before to give racing a try.  With this in mind we’ve included some beginner-friendly races in the Series (like TT’s and less-technical crits).

Here’s how the Series works.  We’ve selected 11 races that are spaced out geographically around Arizona and temporally throughout 2013.  Women contesting these races will earn both individual and team points, and the woman, as well as the team earning the most points at the end of the season will win the Series prize (jersey).  While all women competing will earn points, only those women who start at least 7 of the 11 series races will be eligible to win the overall series title.  I’ve attached a draft of the proposed Series race calendar and rules/regulations.  We’re waiting on final approval from ABRA, but we don’t anticipate any major changes.

More details to follow – AZ CROSS is proud to support women’s racing in Arizona.

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