Series Points Updated

Due to some different/additional categories being offered at some of the Series events – points are a bit of a math challenge. But we have a guru making it all work Gail Hughes at Virtual Roster. Next year we will do a better job at offering the same Series Categories at all Series events to avoid this confusion. The best example is this – the Series awards points in Women’s Open. We define the Women’s Open category in the Series Rules as CAT 1/2/3/4 – BUT at some events there is a Women’s CAT 1/2/3 race AND a Women’s CAT 4 race. The Series does not award points in Women’s CAT 4. So, thus if you race CAT 4 you do not earn Women’s Open Series points. We think of Women’s Open as CAT 1/2/3 when and if a CAT 4 race is offered.

Again, unintended consequences of trying to offer more racing to more categories so more people race cross….

Thanks and continue to let us know with questions.Image