Weekly Update – as of August 1

Good news and not so good news. PRO GOLD back for another year – podium prize packs at each AZ CROSS Series event. Thank you Bruce @ PRO GOLD – hardest working sales guy in the business (well, maybe right behind Jim Wannamaker).

Bicycle Ranch stepped up big – in addition to sponsoring the Horse Lover’s event – BR will be the official retail partner (tech support) of  Championship Weekend (December 201-21). Thank you Markus and the BR crew.

We moved the Series Finals venue to Crossroads as well – so back to back days in December. The original venue was throwing up substantial financial and logistical roadblocks. Plus the City of Gilbert is super easy to work with @ Crossroads. December 20-12, 2014.

Working on a couple more Series sponsors..maybe a single speed category sponsor.

On the not so good news front – lost both the Sedona and Quincie Park (Tucson) venues. BOTH will be in place for 2015 season – we will miss Dan and Chris but both have a ton going on.

Thank you all for your support and look for online registration to open on or before September 15 for all the Series events. AZ Reg Online




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  1. Did we lose Quincie park, or just someone willing to put on the race?

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