AZ CROSS #1 – Flat Tire Cross/Cranky Cross Globe, AZ

Yep…it’s on. Just a few short days until the season opener here in Arizona.

A couple of reminders:

1. Please register online – saves time and stress on race day. You will be able to register online right up until your race time – BUT fees generally increase on race day. make Boris happy – register online.

2. The entire Series is USA Cycling permitted/sanctioned. That means you need either an Annual racing License or purchase a “one day” license. Only certain categories are eligible for a one day license – $15.00 – most cyclocross categories require you to have an Annual License. This link explains the USA Cycling license policies:

3.The link below details the rules that govern the AZ CROSS Series:

Click to access 2014-USAC-Rulebook-Chapter4.pdf

4. Most out of Phoenix venues will be worth 1.5X the Series points. Cahes the points and be a Series Champion.

5. State Championships are NOT part of the Series – December 21 @ Crossroads Park in Gilbert.

Thank you all for you support and see you in Globe!