Already thinking on the 2016 season

Reading up on obstacles and “plank” sections (barriers) as our Swiss (UCI)friends call them. It’s time for some new “planks” for the CLIF Bar AZ CROSS Series powered by SRAM.

From the UCI: “The course may include a single section of planks. This obstacle must consist of two planks placed minimum 4 metres and maximum 6 metres apart. The planks must be solid for their entire height, without sharp edges and not made of metal. They must have a maximum height of 40 cm and extend the entire width of the course.”

15 3/4″ is the conversion from 40cm. 

Obstacles, as mandated by the UCI: “The course may include no more than six man made obstacles. Obstacle shall mean any part of the course where riders are likely (but not required) to dismount. A section of planks as described in art. 5.1.024, must be considered as one of these obstacles. The length of an obstacle may not exceed 80 metres and the height may not exceed 40 cm. The total length of obstacles may not exceed 10% of the course. Non-natural sand pits should be minimum 40 metres, maximum 80 metres long and minimum 6 metres wide. The sand pit should be located on a straight section and requests a level entrance and exit. Descents of flights of steps may not be used.”

Course length from the international governing body: “The course must form a closed circuit of a minimum length of 2.5 km and maximum 3.5 km, of which at least 90% shall be ridable.”

Conversion – 1.5 miles to 2.1 miles.

Course width: “The course must be at least 3 metres wide throughout and clearly marked and protected on both sides.”

Conversion – 9.8 feet minimum width.

We will work on all the above in 2016 – continuous course improvements, from year to year, is our priority. So, it looks like a few (4)  – 10′ wide by 15 3/4″ high barriers (planks) are on the project list for this winter!12189031_10206625959080526_3776613846072169207_n12115625_10200894786648079_104151412756710769_n12182593_10206484562366011_797371489146817873_oOakley BridgeAZ CROSS Barrier 1AZCross CAt 4 race start