Series Championship Points

“Racers will earn points for placing 1st through 10th place. The AZ Cross Series Champion for each category will be the racer who collects the greatest number of points (one race drop allowed). You must race Series Finals to qualify for Championship.”

The intent of the above was to not require racers to attend every Series race to qualify for the Championship. (Racers are required to START the SERIES FINALS  to qualify for the Championship in a category.)

It “allows” for one race drop, but does not require a race to be dropped from your points total.

Put simply: Race and get points, don’t race, no points. Keep everything you EARN.

This weekend in Oracle – both days are worth 1.5X Series points. Make the trip.

Series Finals – December 15 – are worth 2X Series Points.

Current 2018 Series Standings:  Nov24_After4