Added CAT 5 Women and added CAT 5 to Master 3/4 30+ and 40+ Men

We received a bit of feedback when we posted schedules, categories, and Series information.

THANK YOU! Feedback is so critical – it is great to see Arizona cyclists engaged.

We added CAT 5 to the Master Men 40+ 3/4 and Master Men 50+ 3/4, so the updated Series Categories are Master Men 40+ 3/4/5 and Master Men 50+ 3/4/5.

Additionally, because I forgot, we added the CAT 5 to the Women’s CAT 3/4 category, so the updated Series Category is Women CAT 3/4/5.

Registration fees increase the Thursday night before race day.

Second race can be added for $20.00.

Valley of the Sun CX Series Championship Schedule

Valley of the Sun CX Series MNF Schedule

Thank you!

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