Murphy Capital Advisors

Super stoked to have longtime West Valley uber cyclist, and cycling supporter, Matt Murphy, on-board for the VOSCX Finals in Goodyear on December 21.

Murphy Capital Advisors will be sponsoring the Series Championship Awards  – any suggestions on what would be a must-have Championship Award?

We are working closely with Matt, and his team, to identify a local Goodyear charity – important as we will be in the run-up to the Holidays. Considering a couple of different not-for-profits….stay tuned for more details.

While the venue is the same as it was in 2017, the course will be expanded and significantly different. A bit longer, using another run-up, and a better barrier placement.

As with most cycling things that happen in the West Valley, the West Valley Trail Alliance has opened a ton of doors for the event, THANK YOU!

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