2019 Results

VOSCX #1  – MNF CX p/b JetSet Racing                      VOSCX #1 Results

Series Standings 

VOSCX #2/AZ STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS – Crossroads CX p/b Bicycle Ranch            STATE CHAMPIONSHIP Results                                    VOSCX #2 Results

Series Standings 

VOSCX #3/ Series Finals – West Valley CX p/b Murphy Capital Advisors                              Finals Results

FINAL 2019 Series Standings 

2018 Results

AZ CROSS #1  – Red Rocks CX p/b Absolute Bikes Results

AZ CROSS #2 – Flat Tire Cross p/b Flat Tire Bikes Results

Series Standings (as of Sedona and Globe) 2018AZCross_Nov7_After2B

AZ CROSS #3 – Mother Nature’s CX p/b Global Bikes and Jetset Racing Results

Series Standings (after 3 events) 2018AZCross_Nov21

AZ CROSS #4 – Horse Lovers CX p/b Bicycle Ranch Results

Series Standings (after 4 events) Nov24_After4

AZ CROSS #5-6 – Peppersauce CX  #5 Day One Results  #6 Day Two Results

Series Standings (after 6 events)Dec2

AZ CROSS #7 – Series Championship p/b Global Bikes and Specialized Results


Arizona State CX Championship p/b PIVOT Cycles Results

2017 Results

AZ CROSS #1-#2 p/b Absolute Bikes DAY 1  DAY 2

Series Points (as of November 16) 2017-11-13_az-cross-series-points

AZ CROSS #3-#4 p/b North Valley Bicycles DAY 1 DAY 2

Series Points (as of November 26) 2017-11-26_az-cross-series-points

AZ CROSS Series Championship p/b Bicycle Ranch Results

Final Series Standings 2017-12-09_az-cross-series-points-final

2016 Results

Final Series Standings (as of December 19) 2016-12-17_az-cross-series-points-final

USA Cycling Arizona State Cyclocross Championships p/b Bicycle Ranch and VR 7here.

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